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Good News for Yuill homeowners at DurhamGate

Good News for Yuill homeowners at DurhamGate

Further to Yuill Homes going into administration we have been asked by some of the housing residents to investigate the issue regarding the unfinished roads in this part of the development.  We have received the following message from Durham City Council Highways division.

We are aware that Yuill homes are in administration and not in a position to complete the highway works on any of their sites. Fortunately, a legal  agreement was entered into in accordance with S38 of the Highways Act between ourselves and Yuill which made provision for just such circumstance. A bond to complete works to an adoptable standard is in place and I have instructed our Indemnity Recovery company to pursue recovery of the bond and completion of highway works to an adoptable standard.

 This will involve a legal process and completion of all highway works including lighting, surfacing and drainage to an adoptable standard. The legal process requires quantification of outstanding works and cost estimates. We then claim the finance to undertake the work from the financial institution holding the bond. This could take 4-6 months but I would seek to assure all that we have started the process to reduce the inconvenience to residents.